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*Please read all the Rules & Guidelines before submitting any entries*

1. This page is for people entering on their own behalf or an individual entry on behalf of another individual. If you wish to submit multiple entries at once, please refer to the group entries form.

2. At the bottom of this page you will find buttons leading to 2 separate forms.

Print Entry Form" - Print categories include

  • "Entry Form #1" - Categories include:

    • News Release, General Periodical, Technical Feature, Press Column, Press Editorial, Press Feature, Monthly Press Reporting, Weekly Press Reporting and Daily press reporting

  • "Entry Form #2" - Categories include:

    • Electronic Media - Video, Electronic Media - Audio and Photography

4. Click the appropriate button for the category(ies) you would like to enter, and complete the form. If you wish to enter in both the print and digital media categories, you will have to complete 2 separate forms.

5. Once you have submitted a form, you will be directed to a Paypal screen on a different tab. Entries are not considered complete until payment is received.



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