To honour long-serving members who have made outstanding contributions to the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation and to the agricultural communications or media industries.



There is no point system to determine who is worthy of a CFWF Lifetime Achievement Award. Instead, nominees must meet the following three criteria:


  1. The nominee must have made a contribution of outstanding and lasting importance to the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation. This award recognizes an accumulation of years of service and leadership, rather than simply recognizing longevity or routine committee work.

    1. Nominee must have been involved with CFWF at the national or international level and shown exemplary leadership during that time.

    2. The nominee must have made tangible contributions to the organization. For example, the nominee may have implemented new programs that benefited members, raised the national or international profile of the organization, or perhaps helped CFWF navigate major changes.

  2. The nominee must have made signification contributions to agricultural journalism or communications. Possible examples of contributions include:

    1. The nominee has a body of work that inspires excellence in others. This work can be in the journalism or communications field.

    2. The nominee may have mentored other farm journalists or communicators. This mentoring might take place on the job, at a post-secondary institution, or through some other means.

    3. The nominee may have founded a new company or publication that influenced the media or communications landscape.

  3. The nominee must have a minimum of 20 years membership within CFWF.



  1. Nominations may be brought forward by individual members or regional associations. There is no limit or minimum to the number of nominees that may be forwarded each year.

  2. Biographical sketch of nominee, outlining how nominee meets above criteria. Include specific examples. Be concise.

  3. Three letters of support from CFWF members in good standing. Letters should provide examples of how the applicant meets criteria.

  4. Nominations must be received by CFWF Secretariat by September 2 of each year.

  5. Each year the CFWF board will assemble a Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee will include a board member from the west, a board member from the east, and a third member from either region.

  6. The Nominations Committee will review applications and make the final decision on who receives the award. There is no limit to how many people can receive the award each year.

  7. Members will be honoured each year at the CFWF national conference. Notice and biographies will be published in the Farm Journalist. Awardees will receive a plaque.

  8. Nominations must be received by the CFWF Secretariat at by September 2 each year. Please write "CFWF Lifetime Achievement Award" in subject line.


***Please note, this lifetime membership award is independent of any regional membership awards that are/have been distributed. 




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John Morriss

Associate Publisher
Farm Business Communications

Janet Kanters

Editor, Top Crop Manager
President, Trapper Enterprises

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David Schmidt

Associate Editor
Country Life in B.C.

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Jim Romahn


Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Ontario Farmer

Hugh Maynard

Secretary-Treasurer Canadian Farm Writers Federation
Qu'anglo Communications



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